08 | 25 | 21

Episode Four: “Our Children’s Children’s Clones.”

Today’s topic: PARENTING! You know what they say: raising a child is a little bit like tap-dancing, backwards, while wearing high heels, and covered in fire ants. Meanwhile, trying to achieve even a shred of enlightenment is challenging enough without, at the same time, attempting to keep an entire extra human alive. Jess tries to… Continue reading Episode Four: “Our Children’s Children’s Clones.”

04 | 07 | 21

Episode Three: “Rollercoaster Explosion.”

Today’s topic: RETREATS! Sitting a silent meditation retreat is a virtual rite of passage for mindfulness people. But let’s be frank—sitting in silence for a number of days with only your mind for company is not necessarily a bucket full of gumdrops. Jess and I will talk about all the snakes and ladders one encounters… Continue reading Episode Three: “Rollercoaster Explosion.”

03 | 19 | 21

Episode Two: “Buddhas Don’t Play Tambourines.”

Today’s topic: COMMUNITY! Asian communities have been practicing Buddhism in the United States since the 1800s, with the idea of “sangha” always front and center. Yet, when the thing we think of today as mindfulness practice was brought over by white Buddhist teachers in the 20th century—from such Buddhist-leaning countries as Thailand, India, and what was… Continue reading Episode Two: “Buddhas Don’t Play Tambourines.”

02 | 24 | 21

Episode One: “A Small, Meditating Woman.”

Today’s topic: REGRET! “They flutter behind you your possible pasts—some bright-eyed and crazy, some frightened and lost.” Today Jess and I will be talking about the lives we’ve led—the lives we’ve failed to lead—and how to deal with regret when it makes its presence known. Is regret something that mindfulness can help us avoid? Should… Continue reading Episode One: “A Small, Meditating Woman.”