03 | 16 | 24

Meditation: Meeting needs from the bottom up.

Jessica Morey offers us a meditation on identifying, being with, and caring for our needs, starting from the fundament–our own bodies. What cues and clues may hide in flesh and bone waiting to be known; waiting to guide us towards exploring which of our needs have been met, and which remain unmet?

09 | 30 | 23

Meditation: Who even has time to meditate?

In this guided practice, Cara recognizes that the normal out of their mind, out of their breath, and out of their depth parent might not have time for what we think of as a formal sitting meditation practice. So what if, Cara asks, we could scrape the very gunk of life off the surface of… Continue reading Meditation: Who even has time to meditate?

07 | 09 | 23

Meditation: An especially safe space.

Jess leads us in a riff on “metta” or “loving-kindness” practice, in which we are invited to imagine an ideal mother figure, as a way of calling forth the ideal maternal qualities that may be hiding in our own minds and hearts. Then, we use those qualities to establish a secure base for how we… Continue reading Meditation: An especially safe space.

04 | 30 | 23

Meditation: A place to rest the mind.

Jess gifts us with a meditation especially designed for parents, who may already feel like they’re figure-skating on the edge of a razor blade, and don’t need their meditation practice to be one more veldt they have to hack through. Hell, this meditation is one you can even do in bed, or wherever you happen… Continue reading Meditation: A place to rest the mind.

01 | 05 | 23

Meditation: “This wild, raw, and magnificent world.”

Jess offers a guided equanimity meditation that riffs on the dialogue we were having during Episode Two of Season 2, specifically, how sensations of anxiety, even terror, that might crop up around aspects of one’s own pregnancy; over the state of the world; over our knowledge that we have so little control over what happens… Continue reading Meditation: “This wild, raw, and magnificent world.”

11 | 15 | 22

Meditation: Cara Lai.

Cara leads us in a meditation on the care and feeding of the present moment. “Slowly, we develop a taste for being present for our lives. We give our attention the opportunity to see for itself what it really wants to be with. What else is happening in the real, tangible, here and now world that… Continue reading Meditation: Cara Lai.

11 | 27 | 21

Meditation: non-violent communication.

The heart of the mindfulness-adjacent paradigm known as non-violent communication explores the following: how underlying needs and values cause a person to perceive another person’s behavior in a certain light, particularly during difficult exchanges. This exploration is a way to lead both parties back to a state of empathy and compassion. 

08 | 25 | 21

Meditation: loving-kindess (with a side order of equanimity).

Jess offers a meditation in which loving-kindness is interwoven with equanimity, to create a veritable brahmavihara spice mix, with which any of us might generously season our experiences.