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Season 1, Episode Six: “Tongue-Kissing the Void.” (Or, “I Only Date Buddhists.”)

Today’s topic: RELATIONSHIPS!

As late celebrity monk Ajahn Chah once said, “The most convenient way to practice meditation is as a monastic, because monastics are celibate.” But I guess human relationships must be pretty good, because we just keep coming back for more. So if we can’t stop ourselves from such holy foolishness in this lifetime, maybe mindfulness can offer our hearts a leg-up?

Our super special guest: 

Devon Hase—a mindfulness teacher who not only married another mindfulness teacher, but even wrote a book with him (How Not to Be a Hot Mess! Out now!). If there’s anyone who can help us relate to relationships mindfully, it’s gonna be her.

Topics touched upon for your consideration:

Rotary connection. | Twelve angry gingers. | A handful of handsomely raised hackles. | A deep and soulful sniff. | Bloopers and conflicts. | Opposites distract. | Teen town. | Buddhist parlor games. | A truck of Christmas trees coated in old milk. | If putty were a man. | Looking at the world through neon tantra glasses. | Taboo artists. | One helluva loophole. | The left hand path. | An enearthed approach to awakening. | A young panda’s pampered brow. | Decolonizing dhamma (once and for all?). | Reflecting on a house of mirrors. | A dangerous question. | The death-defying defined. | 2 Rich 2 Die. | Jessica Morey’s death wishes. | Feeling comfortable composted.

Plus— Jess guides a meditation on non-violent communication.