09 | 30 | 21

Season 1, Episode Five: “A Very Advanced Practice.”

Today’s topic: NATURE!

As machete-voiced beatnik philosopher Tom Waits is wont to remind us, “We’re chained to the world, and we’ve all got to pull.” Some of us our able to make the best of our embedment in the natural world, but others will never stop being freaked out by it. Jess helps Jon see a little bit of the loving presence in nature, while also instructing him in how to properly get eaten by bears.

Our super special guest: 

Khalila Archer, leader of wilderness retreats par excellence and head of Inward Bound Mindfulness Education’s teacher training program, helps us see the woods as more than just a terrifying landscape populated by witches, warmed in their huts by child-fired ovens.

Topics touched upon for your consideration:

An unhinged confetti canon. | Butter ropes. | Legion of Named Moons. | Rippable bellies and potato-shaped brains. | “More, more, more!” said the human. | Jessica Morey is gorpcore (to the max). | The unexpected joy of adapting, and not resisting. | Ungrateful insects. | Mosquito meditation. | Love is in the blood. | The scales of perception. | Leaving it to the Libras. | Counterfactual to Werner. | Leftover dinosaur bits. | Setting provides a container of limits. | Eating jazz cookies as an aid to contemplative experience. | Do humans deserve to live? | Avoiding avoiding the pain. | You gotta give your feet a chance. | Individually fabricating babies. | Whole-planetary processes. | A good question for an astronaut. | Telephone game of dhamma. | The great white universalizing instinct.

Plus—Jess offers a meditation intended to help one gain comfort with discomfort—whether they be in nature, or anywhere else.