02 | 24 | 21

Season 1, Episode One: “A Small, Meditating Woman.”

Episode One Zoom Chat Screenshot

Today’s topic: REGRET!

“They flutter behind you your possible pasts—some bright-eyed and crazy, some frightened and lost.” Today Jess and I will be talking about the lives we’ve led—the lives we’ve failed to lead—and how to deal with regret when it makes its presence known. Is regret something that mindfulness can help us avoid? Should we even be trying to avoid regret? Or is this merely a semantic problem—if we simply redefine what we’re talking about when we talk about regret, might we regret less?

Our super special guest:

Yong Oh, of Durango Dharma Center and Chattanooga Insight.

Topics touched upon for your consideration:

The literary equivalent of having your pants pulled down in public. | Jessica Morey’s super-buff alter egos. | Can one be grateful for one’s regrets? | How can we tell whether we’re being mindful, or if we’re just too exhausted by life to even bother acting like an asshole? | If Jessica Morey wants to hang out with you, that means your life is on the right track. | Mindfully building a better burrito. | Does freewill exist? | Elevating the elevator to the brain-hotel. | The shapeliness of regret in the body. | Should we be making choices based upon desired outcomes? | Enlightenment isn’t the way out—it’s the way in. | What does nirvana taste like? | Our favorite unlived lives. | Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.  | Three categories of regret. | What Jon should be most ashamed of in his life. | The soft, sweet loaf of hiri. | Gentleman space farmer and a water-skiing sage.

Plus—Jess leads a meditation towards the skillful contemplation of regret.