09 | 30 | 23

Season 2, Episode Six: “When, How and Whether to Foist the Dharma Upon Your Children, Part I: ‘Sometimes Daddy Needs to Kill.'”

In today’s episode, we begin our series on when—if ever—is the appropriate time to try to make your baby Buddhist. But first, we discuss the joys and travails of traveling with the infant set. Next we ask, Are the deepest aspects of dhamma practice really available to anyone, or is there a platinum tier for those who can afford the ante? Stick around to find out what happens when a hardcore Buddhist and a hardcore hooligan fall in with each other, fall ass over elbows in love, and then make a baby. And just before we close, Cara will lead a meditation entitled, “Who even has time to meditate?” Because, for real, am I right? Jessica Morey is on break, but Cara and Jon have got you.

Topics touched upon for your consideration:

Making slippy sloppy. | Baby’s first boogie board. | Who is the shittiest parent? | Bags of bees. | James, are you listening? | A gigolo’s mustache. | Covered in sriracha. | Full-bore into nunneries. | Dharma lingo in the domestic space. | A shared language of love. | The Jamesiest James in the gang. | The most dangerous game. | Practices of embodiment. | Ants of infinite jest. | Everybody wants to live. | Currency of compassion. | An ant’s child. | Captain Easy-Being. | Our hearts can hold it all. | Huck; fin.