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Season 2, Episode One: “Finding the Chanda in the Tanha.”

We’re back, baby!

Now that Jess has joined Jon on his long walk down the long pier of parenting, we’ll be taking a different angle on the discussions this season: What does it mean to bring dhamma practice into parenting, and parenting into dhamma practice?

Our super special guest: 

Cara Lai, a dhamma teacher teetering on the precipice of parenthood, who nevertheless manages to keep things upright, never uptight. All right!

Topics touched upon for your consideration:

The importance of pleasure. | Sometimes, being with the need is all that is needed. | The promises (and perils) of the ultimate orgasm. | Advice from an anti-god. | Birth is the mother of the parent. | Getting used to losing control. | Aiming the arrow and receiving the target (whatever the hell the target turns out to be). | Acknowledging one’s resistance to reality. | There are no time-outs in parenting. | Gifts of grace. | When the left hand is the right hand. | Skillful thirst traps. | A better “pro-life” vision. | How much murder is too much murder? | Learning to trust that your parenting peers haven’t been feeding you a bucket of bullshit this entire time. | The dhamma truths of perfectly normal (if violent) constipation. | If there is no problem, then there is no problem to solve. | The red room of pain.

Plus—Cara leads us in a meditation on the care and feeding of the present moment. “Slowly, we develop a taste for being present for our lives. We give our attention the opportunity to see for itself what it really wants to be with. What else is happening in the real, tangible, here and now world that I’m missing out on, if I’m lost in thought? We start to develop a refined taste for the mundane.”