03 | 16 | 24

Season 2, Episode Seven: “I Walk the Spiral; You Walk the Line: Owning Your Path So As Not to Get Owned By It.”

Jessica Morey returns, just in time to keep Cara Lai and I from burning this disco down. In honor of her re-emergence, we dive butt first into the big work. Is letting your child “cry it out” good medicine, or is that just what our robot overlords have programmed us to believe? How do we balance our needs with our children’s needs, so we don’t encourage them to become miscreants, while at the same time leaving ourselves enough juice at the end of the day that we can still feed and bathe ourselves? Does the dhamma even care about our needs, or is that noise you hear the sound of the Buddha miming playing the world’s tiniest violin with his beautiful, beautiful fingers? And, as teachers, how do we avoid getting so caught up in just how fantastically right we are that we get expelled from our students’ minds, long before we even have a chance to hack into the mainframe? Before we close, Jessica Morey will offer us a guided meditation on identifying, being with, and caring for our needs.