03 | 04 | 23

Season 2, Episode Three: “The Toilet-Mat Tantra.”

Today’s episode is a conversational free-for-all; or maybe a conversation in freefall?

Jess and I crack open a veritable candy-sack of topics related to the dhamma of parenting. How do our children alert us when we’re not being mindful enough? What are the things we’re letting ourselves let go of, in hopes of becoming better parents? How do we make meaningful connections with our children, even as their personalities are constantly contorting before our very eyes? Are we humans really just buckets of mush being filled and emptied from instant to instant?

Topics touched upon for your consideration:

America runs on fire ants. | The most adorable mindfulness bell of them all. | Watch the world burn (and chill). | 106.3 Smooth FM. | Emperor Josef II of Austria. | The toaster waffles of jazz. | The colorless void of endless space. | Wah-wah? No wah-wah. | It’s all dhamma, Jon. | The rapidity of change. | A necklace of raisins. | Pre-emptive nostalgia. | Buddha’s bingo card. | What is outside? Where is outside? Why is outside? | This household’s best black hole. | Teaching our children about mountains. | Fortress of solitary (mis-)understanding.

Plus—Jess gifts us with a meditation on learning to love this giant impermanent thing called parenting.